Yes it is reflecting in my account thanks a lot ur effort is much appreciated. And also can u tell me what are the benefits of the Dairy 9 program and fees which says I have to pay 1999rs is this monthly or annually.
What additional benefit will I get other than my normal plan.
Hello Kamlesh Rajbhar
Customer Service
UnitedHealthcare Parekh TPA Pvt. Ltd.
No doubt that it is an commendable and appriciable reply with proper guidance to Log-in with PW. Is it temporarily or hereafter. Thanks, Next think My Member ID Is 87541. I wish to know validity date. Thanks.
had spoken MR Manoj Mascarelhas in your customer care department and I got a very Excellent service form him please give this employee a better position in your organisation
My experience while talking with Govardhan is very nice.
Govardhan, i was very satisfied to way of giving the feedback is very nice, i througly apprisiate the contravesy.
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