At Medvantage Insurance TPA we cherish our relationship with you as an employer and equally shoulder the responsibility of delivering quality health care to your employees, which helps you ensure that your employees live healthy and stay healthy.

Working with you together, we can help address your employees’ challenges in health care through quality, access and affordability.

We can also offer the capabilities and offerings on health and wellness to your employees depending on specific requirements.

Our experience over the years with various corporate groups confirms that organizational profitability and productivity levels are impacted directly by the overall health profile of the workforce. Organizations that rely heavily on its people resources need to proactively manage employee health and ensure that people in their organization have easy access to quality health care services at all times.

We at Medvantage Insurance TPA have organized ourselves in a manner that helps achieve the highest levels of efficiency, communication and most importantly, employee satisfaction.

We are committed to improving the health care experience for everyone involved:


  • The insurer who provides the cover and benefits
  • The employers who purchase it
  • The health care provider who delivers it and most of all
  • The employees and plan members who use it


We are a company in evolution. And we will continue to find newer and better ways to deliver information and services to all your employees.

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Employee - American Express
Every small aspect is covered under this program so well. You don't even think of things like how to pack my bag to be taken to the hospital etc. Your team was like a guide throughout my pregnancy. I will always appreciate your help…

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