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Good medicine means different things to different people. In our continuing effort to enhance the quality of healthcare available to our people, we bring to you our preferred provider network, HealthConnect (known to you as the Sedgwick Parekh Network).

At HealthConnect, we have a holistic approach to health care coverage and a belief in "Sarve Santu Niramay" which means “Everybody in Good Health”. As the leading quality network organization in the country our objective is to enhance the value that healthcare providers bring to our care delivery system. HealthConnect will achieve this through shared goals and responsibilities and commitment to its stakeholders – its providers and consumers.

HealthConnect supports a wide spectrum of operations: Network Development and Data Management, Physician Contracting and Relations, Network Reimbursement, Electronic Data Interchange, Care Coordination and Credentialing.

At HealthConnect the focus is on providing:


  • Broad, stable and comprehensive networks
  • Patient sovereignty and hassle-free access
  • Adding value to all transactions that go through the network
  • Primacy of the patient - physician relationship
  • Measurable quality at all levels
  • Extraordinary tools for information management


At HealthConnect we assure our stakeholders:


  • Continued partnership, with significant volumes flowing throughout the network
  • Highest levels of integrity
  • Excellent financial value at our select establishments – these includes negotiated discounts and package pricing
  • Higher customer service orientation


HealthConnect will work closely with the provider community to develop strong and compliant administrative processes and transform the way the healthcare system operates. We do believe that our providers have a lot to gain from this transformation and we will work with them to help them deliver quality care in a consistent manner to all consumers.

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