In our continuing efforts to enhance the quality of healthcare available to our clients, we have embraced the concept of Preferred Provider Network which is more popularly known as HealthConnect. As the leading quality network organization in the country our objective is to enhance the value that healthcare providers bring to our care delivery system. HealthConnect aims to achieve this through shared goals and responsibilities with its Providers.

Today, HealthConnect includes over 3400 healthcare providers ranging from Super Specialty Hospitals to Nursing Homes spread across India in more than 410 cities. These providers are selected based on their reputation and ability to provide quality service to our clients. Our selection of medical providers is based entirely on their quality, accuracy of reporting, customer management, honesty and integrity.

Medvantage Insurance TPA provides a wide range of healthcare services to support the diverse needs of an Health Insurer. These services include Enrolment, claims management and administration; Customer Service, Account Management, Medical and Quality Team and above all, access to HealthConnect. As a leading TPA organization in the country today, Medvantage Insurance TPA constantly strives to improve the healthcare experience for everyone involved: the insurer who provides the cover and benefits, the groups and individuals who purchase it, the healthcare provider who delivers it and most of all, the consumers who use it.

As a preferred provider you will gain access to a larger number of clients and the prestige of being associated with Medvantage Insurance - a pioneer in introducing healthcare management in India. This membership will be available to you at NO COST.

Our expectation from Healthcare Providers who are members of HealthConnect would typically be in the form of:

  • Offering Credit facility and direct billing arrangements
  • Preferential treatment for emergency admissions
  • Complete document support for all bills submitted to Medvantage


We guarantee prompt payments to the Preferred Provider for services rendered to our clients and are privileged and happy to develop a long-term relationship with our Preferred Providers. Before empanelment, we ask certain critical information from the Providers to update comprehensive “Hospital Information Sheet”. This information is stored on our sophisticated computer database and will be made available to our clients.

Please click on “Hospital Information Sheet” which will give better understanding of all the vital information required by us before Empanelment.

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