Health Check-ups

Pre-Policy Medicals

Medvantage Insurance TPA is a pioneer & leader in this arena. We currently partner with all major insurance companies providing customized processes with consistent delivery on performance. This is enabled through technology helping insurers lower the costs and underwrite medical policies with appropriate risk assessment.

The core objective is to mitigate risk by helping the underwriting team of the insurance company by the virtue of providing medical portfolio analysis to the insurer to take well informed decisions based on factual details. Our strategy includes collaborating with the client in the evolution of the product as commercial imperatives unfold and performance measures are identified and developed. Understandably, different clients desire different levels of involvement. To address individual client needs we have developed flexible internal techniques and processes, which allow a diversity of involvement.

We are committed to improving the healthcare experience for everyone involved: the insurer who provides the cover and benefits, the healthcare provider who delivers it and most of all, the end customer who use it.

Key Features

  • End to End Medical Checkup Facilitation
  • Access to Quality Medical Network across India.
  • Customized MIS & Reports
  • Toll-free White-labeled/Red Carpet Services
  • Best-in-Class Customer Service
  • Focus on improving processes, advancing technology, driving innovation and running disciplined Operations


Corporate Health check-ups

Our experience over the years with various corporate groups confirms that organizational profitability and productivity is impacted directly by overall health profile of the workforce. Organizations that rely heavily on its people resources need to proactively manage employee health and ensure that people in their organization have easy access to quality healthcare services at all times.

We have put ‘better healthcare’ for employees at the center of our approach. We believe that our programs and services are the first few steps of the journey to a better health care experience.

Medvantage Insurance TPA provides following options to the corporate to engage more with the employees as well as to get corporate health risk assessment.

  • Pre-policy health check up
  • Annual health check up
  • Wellness camp/ program
  • Health talk and seminars

As an employer we can help you define what works best for your employees and their families. We have the ability to match the right combination of funding preferences, pricing arrangements, benefit designs and integrated specialty care management services with the unique characteristics of your company. We believe that by planning and making the right choices today you can ensure that your employees have a healthy future.

Pre-employment health check helps the employers to screen candidate’s health status, hence enabling him to decide if the candidate is fit to join the organization.

Annual health check-up is conducted to have a periodic assessment of the health condition of the employees. Alinea HealthCare creates employee benefits solutions that promote long-term health of the employee and the employer.

Key Features

  • Consistent service quality across India
  • One stop shop for all your healthcare needs
  • Single point of contact relationship manager
  • Standardization of reports provided enabling to compare on same parameters
Key Highlights
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