Why Us?
To avoid sickness eat less; to prolong life worry less.
- Chu Hui Weng

Medvantage Insurance TPA India takes away the worry from your life. We do not boast about being the best and do not put down other health care providers with respect to the hidden clauses or the fine print. We would instead want to talk about us, or even better, talk about you.


We put you first

At Medvantage Insurance TPA India, we take a different approach to health care. We have put 'better health care' or employees at the center of our approach. That means we have put 'you' at the helm of all our efforts.
We believe that our programs and services represent the first few steps on the journey to a better and completely unparalleled health care experience for our customers.


We have the expertise

We can help employers define what works best for employees and their families. We have the ability to match the right combination of funding preferences, pricing arrangements, benefit designs and integrated specialty care management services with the unique characteristics of their company. We believe that by planning and making the right choices today, you, as an employer can ensure that your people live healthy and stay healthy.


We have the experience

Our experience over the years with various corporate groups confirms that organizational profitability and productivity levels are impacted directly by the overall health profile of the workforce. Organizations that rely heavily on its human resources need to proactively manage employee health and ensure that people in their organization have easy access to quality health care services at all times. With us, you know you have all those years of experience you can count on.


We are committed

Covering over 1 million lives and having organized ourselves in a manner that helps achieve the highest levels of efficiency, communication and most importantly, employee satisfaction, we are committed to improving the healthcare experience for everyone involved: the insurer who provides the cover and benefits, the employers who purchase it, the healthcare provider who delivers it and most of all, the employees and plan members who use it.


We are ambitious

We are a company in evolution and we will continue to find newer and better ways to deliver information and services to all your employees.


We will

  • Focus on improving processes, advancing technology, using knowledge and information, driving innovation and running disciplined operations.
  • Use technology to make our services as efficient, effective and up-to-date as we can.
  • Continue to measure our own performance and make the results available to provide an objective assessment of how well we're doing our job.


And the only reason we do any of this, is because we believe that what works for you, also works for us!

We Recommend

Employee Welfare
Employee welfare helps in keeping the morale and motivation of the employees high so as to retain the employees for longer duration. The welfare measures need not be in monetary terms only but in any kind or form.

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